Marlies Debacker




photo by Rebecca ter Braak


Marlies plays contemporary classical music as well as solo improvisations. Her work in contemporary music Marlies equally likes to play referential as well as very recent works. In her solo improvisations Debacker explores various mindsets and soundworlds of improvised music, drawing inspiration from her work with contemporary solo repertoire, electro-acoustic music and chamber music while still pursuing a playful and improvisational attitude that is more reminiscent of free jazz.

She does extensive research on the sound possibilities of her instrument with a focus on resonance, pedal work, inside piano playing and the use of various preparations, thus allowing her to move between the conventional sound of a piano and various percussive and pseudo-electronic sounds. Apart from playing the piano she often performs on vintage keyboards as well.

photo by Rebecca ter Braak

Trio Abstrakt

A Cologne/Essen-based ensemble for contemporary music consisting of Salim Javaid (saxophone), Marlies Debacker (piano) and Shiau-Shiuan Hung (percussion). The trio has dedicated itself to recent repertoire for their specific instrumentation but also for all their various duo constellations as well as to music theatrical pieces or performances with or without instruments.

photo by Sophia Hegewald


The two musicians collaborate in a number of projects ranging from contemporary music to improvised music and also jazz settings. The music of this duo is a distillation of their common experiences together – w/ Salim(a) Javaid, saxophone

Hübsch | Javaid | Debacker

Improvising group and long-standing collaboration with colleagues Carl Ludwig Hübsch (tuba) and Salim(a) Javaid, with whom Debacker curates the Plattform Nicht Dokumentierbarer Ereignisse.

Wegmann | Debacker

is a piano duo with a focus on improvised music. The two pianists heavily draw upon their equally rich musical backgrounds ranging from classical to contemporary music, free jazz and other styles. This way, the two musicians create a transversal music that is genre-across and fluently moves between different pianistic styles.